The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles

Hosted ByR. Lee Procter, Hazel Matthews & Skyler DeWolfe

A 10-part audio drama podcast exploring the astonishing life 
and tumultuous times of film noir goddess and 
50s exploitation queen Clara “Mynx” Devlin—
the woman J. Edgar Hoover called 
“The Most Dangerous Woman Alive.”

Episode 10: Sweet Atom Bomb, Genius of Desire

Soul retrievals, mysteries solved, the missing two years in Mexico with a mysterious goddess-healer, and Mynx’s final healing and redemption.  



We’ve curated some illuminating books on the life of Jack Kerouac, and the art of soul retrieval. Yes, it’s a real thing. 


Some of the Dharma by Jack Kerouac. Straight up Kerouac from his journals. Dip in anywhere, it’s all bracing and thought-provoking.

Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self Through Shamanic Practice by Sandra Ingerman. This was my guide for creating Mynx’s own ‘soul retrieval’ in Mexico.


Written by R. Lee Procter
Produced, Edited, and Directed by Matthew Solari
Co-Producer: Kevin W. Whitaker
Artwork: Rowen Procter

Special Thanks To:
Nancy Linehan Charles
Christy Coleman
Piotr Michael
Caitlin Muelder
Stephen Smith

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