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F. Scott Fitzgerald and Mynx Devlin

In 1935, F. Scott Fitzgerald was in deep trouble. His latest novel, Tender Is the Night had just failed. No major film studio would hire him. Daughter Scottie was...

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Francois Truffaut In Love

In episode #9 of The Atomic Bombshell serial podcast, Mynx Devlin meets Francois Truffaut. This was 1962, right after he’d directed his breakthrough global smash hit, The 400 Blows....

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Vampira: Before Mynx Devlin Was Mynx

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a feature about a new biography, Glamour Ghoul, that reveals the wild life of Maila Nurmi. If you know her at all, you...

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Mynx Devlin Meets Elvis Presley

In episode 8 of “The Atomic Bombshell,” Mynx Devlin saves the free world from nuclear destruction. She does this by revealing the truth about Soviet intentions in the Cuban...

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The 40 Thieves and Mynx Devlin

In episode #7 of The Atomic Bombshell, Mynx tells us how she got into the exploitation film business. She meets threadbare movie producer Herbert W. Zoozman in a graveyard...

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Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll

In episode #6 of “The Atomic Bombshell,” Mynx Devlin becomes the first actor to break the blacklist when she teams up with Producer Herbert W. Zoozman to make 18...

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