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Introducing The Atomic Bombshell

The Atomic Bombshell: The Mynx Devlin Chronicles is a 10-part serial podcast that explores the astonishing life and tumultuous...

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Episode 1: Red Acid Queen!

Mynx Devlin—provocative, seductive movie star and B-movie actress known as the “Red Acid Queen”—is dead. Was it suicide? Murder?...

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Episode 2: Rocket to Stardom

Mynx Devlin goes from starlet to star in the most unlikely way possible. Her breakthrough film noir movie roles...

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Episode 3: A Tale Told By An Idiot

Mynx Devlin goes on an emotional roller-coaster ride. She’s a box office sensation working with Howard Hughes and Sam...

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Episode 4: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

Betrayed, with once chance to save herself! It’s the time of the Red Scare and HUAC. Mynx Devlin makes...

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Episode 5: The Sin Is Blasphemy! The Penalty Is Death!

Mynx is on the run. Exiled in Mexico and thrust into the Cuban revolution, she meets a notorious surrealist...

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Episode 6: Hell-Bent For Kicks!

Mynx makes eighteen classic drive-in movies and exploitation films and jumps at an impulsive marriage proposal. But a stunning...

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Episode 7: Jail Bait Baby!

Mynx runs away from home and gets cast in a sordid grindhouse exploitation classic, and promotes it in a...

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Episode 8: The Loves Of Mynx Devlin, Part 1

Mynx tells all – how she saved the world TWICE for her lover, the most powerful man in the...

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Episode 9: The Loves of Mynx Devlin, Part 2

Mynx reveals her greatest love: Francois Truffaut, the famous auteur of New Wave Cinema. They fall in love as...

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Episode 10: Sweet Atom Bomb, Genius of Desire

Soul retrievals, mysteries solved, the missing two years in Mexico with a mysterious goddess-healer, and Mynx’s final healing and...

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