Elvis Presley

Vampira: Before Mynx Devlin Was Mynx

The Los Angeles Times recently ran a feature about a new biography, Glamour Ghoul, that reveals the wild life of Maila Nurmi. If you know her at all, you know her as “Vampira” from the hideous-sublime cult classic, Plan Nine From Outer Space. Nurmi rocketed to fame in the early 1950s as the original “Ghoul…

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Mynx Devlin Meets Elvis Presley

In episode 8 of “The Atomic Bombshell,” Mynx Devlin saves the free world from nuclear destruction. She does this by revealing the truth about Soviet intentions in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Then JFK needs cover for an arms build up in South Florida. What if the Cold War turns hot? That’s why he asks Mynx…

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Episode 8: The Loves Of Mynx Devlin, Part 1

Mynx tells all – how she saved the world TWICE for her lover, the most powerful man in the world, and then had a torrid rendezvous with a co-star, the most famous rock star in the world.

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