The Mynx Devlin Film That Bombed Twice

Progressive Fable or Anti-Communist Propaganda? Right before Mynx Devlin broke through to top 10 box office success, she made an infamous curio. This film bombed twice: once as a progressive fable, then again as anti-Communist propaganda. In 1945, the progressive left was having its moment. The war was over. Russia was our ally. Mynx’s lover,…

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Mynx Devlin and the Red Scare

In episode #4 of The Atomic Bombshell serial podcast, Mynx Devlin faces her greatest challenge yet. It’s the height of the Red Scare. The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) calls her to testify. This committee, under the sway of demagogue Senator Joseph McCarthy, wants to know if she “is now, or has ever been”…

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Episode 4: Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

Betrayed, with once chance to save herself! It’s the time of the Red Scare and HUAC. Mynx Devlin makes a fateful choice that renders her an outcast and receives a gift from beyond the grave that offers a glimmer of hope.

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