Atomic Bombshell

The Crazy World Of Howard Hughes Movies

In the third episode of The Atomic Bombshell serial podcast, Howard Hughes tries to win the heart of Clara “Mynx” Devlin. How? By making “the greatest goddam movie ever made.” Could Hughes really have done this? Of course. Hughes bought his own film studio (RKO), in 1948. In the eight years he ran the studio…

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Episode 3: A Tale Told By An Idiot

Mynx Devlin goes on an emotional roller-coaster ride. She’s a box office sensation working with Howard Hughes and Sam Fuller, she’s abandoned by her sponsor, she relishes a night of forbidden love, and she makes an epic cinematic catastrophe that ends in epic betrayal.

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Episode 2: Rocket to Stardom

Mynx Devlin goes from starlet to star in the most unlikely way possible. Her breakthrough film noir movie roles make her the hottest star in Hollywood.

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