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Mynx Devlin’s Rock and Roll Movie!

A new generation of film lovers are discovering Mynx Devlin in the podcast The Atomic Bombshell. Then they’re taking a deeper dive into her life with her sensational tell-all memoir of the same name. These movie buffs are discovering a singular cinema star: smart, sexy, and charismatic. Mynx was an icon in 1940s film noir….

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The 40 Thieves and Mynx Devlin

In episode #7 of The Atomic Bombshell, Mynx tells us how she got into the exploitation film business. She meets threadbare movie producer Herbert W. Zoozman in a graveyard (!) where he asks her to star in his latest quickie, Jail Bait Baby. Zoozman is one of a notorious group of exploitation film producers called……

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Episode 6: Hell-Bent For Kicks!

Mynx makes eighteen classic drive-in movies and exploitation films and jumps at an impulsive marriage proposal. But a stunning revelation will leave you breathless…and change everything.

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The ULTIMATE Screen Goddess Autobiography

I admit it: I’m a film nut. From the moment as a nine year old that I rode with The Magnificent Seven to save those Mexican villagers (from my tenth-row center seat at the Meralta Theater in Downey, California), I’ve been in love with the movies. How could I share that love with readers in…

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