R. Lee Procter

Mynx Devlin and the Red Scare

In episode #4 of The Atomic Bombshell serial podcast, Mynx Devlin faces her greatest challenge yet. It’s the height of the Red Scare. The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) calls her to testify. This committee, under the sway of demagogue Senator Joseph McCarthy, wants to know if she “is now, or has ever been”…

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The Crazy World Of Howard Hughes Movies

In the third episode of The Atomic Bombshell serial podcast, Howard Hughes tries to win the heart of Clara “Mynx” Devlin. How? By making “the greatest goddam movie ever made.” Could Hughes really have done this? Of course. Hughes bought his own film studio (RKO), in 1948. In the eight years he ran the studio…

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Mynx Devlin and the Birth of Film Noir

In episode #2 of “The Atomic Bombshell,” our heroine Clara “Mynx” Devlin rides a “Rocket to Stardom” when producer Herbert W. Zoozman casts her in “Thrill Queen” and then “Jive Crazy,” two proto film noir movies that catch a violent updraft in the cultural zeitgeist. Why did film noir become such a sensation right after…

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The ULTIMATE Screen Goddess Autobiography

I admit it: I’m a film nut. From the moment as a nine year old that I rode with The Magnificent Seven to save those Mexican villagers (from my tenth-row center seat at the Meralta Theater in Downey, California), I’ve been in love with the movies. How could I share that love with readers in…

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