Mynx Devlin

Mynx Devlin’s Rock and Roll Movie!

A new generation of film lovers are discovering Mynx Devlin in the podcast The Atomic Bombshell. Then they’re taking a deeper dive into her life with her sensational tell-all memoir of the same name. These movie buffs are discovering a singular cinema star: smart, sexy, and charismatic. Mynx was an icon in 1940s film noir….

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F. Scott Fitzgerald and Mynx Devlin

In 1935, F. Scott Fitzgerald was in deep trouble. His latest novel, Tender Is the Night had just failed. No major film studio would hire him. Daughter Scottie was in a pricey private school. Wife Zelda was in a pricier sanitarium. How could he save himself? Mynx Devlin’s memoir, The Atomic Bombshell, reveals the surprising…

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The 40 Thieves and Mynx Devlin

In episode #7 of The Atomic Bombshell, Mynx tells us how she got into the exploitation film business. She meets threadbare movie producer Herbert W. Zoozman in a graveyard (!) where he asks her to star in his latest quickie, Jail Bait Baby. Zoozman is one of a notorious group of exploitation film producers called……

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Mynx Devlin and the Birth of Film Noir

In episode #2 of “The Atomic Bombshell,” our heroine Clara “Mynx” Devlin rides a “Rocket to Stardom” when producer Herbert W. Zoozman casts her in “Thrill Queen” and then “Jive Crazy,” two proto film noir movies that catch a violent updraft in the cultural zeitgeist. Why did film noir become such a sensation right after…

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The ULTIMATE Screen Goddess Autobiography

I admit it: I’m a film nut. From the moment as a nine year old that I rode with The Magnificent Seven to save those Mexican villagers (from my tenth-row center seat at the Meralta Theater in Downey, California), I’ve been in love with the movies. How could I share that love with readers in…

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